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Mazi from ‘Nature of Music’ launches his new solo project ‘Alfa State’, with 3 new gems. The Canadian producer has been successful as a solo artist, and also as part of the infamous duo, with releases gracing L’enfant terrible and here at Sudbeat. This release shows of mark of boldness as the label is pushing underground sounds from a new act, thats deep and devastating.

The title track ‘Orchidea’ is a sophisticated deep number, with superb use of restraint throughout this fantastical and breezy production. Less is more is the order of the day here, as crisp percussions meet the haunting piano line that gently tinkles, while pads drift in and out, while this spacious number unfurls.

‘Tipping Point’ is a slightly punchier track, yet still deep, with its melodious layers gelling wonderfully with a rounded and warmth flowing across the track. its deep vibes emanate over its subdued beats and lock you in to its mystical spell.

‘Symphony Of Courage’ is an arp structured workout, with dominating pads, great drum fills and a cool FX thickening the musicality laced gem. A magical composition that works for the mind and the dance floor.

Release Date: November 6th, 2017


 1. Alfa State – Orchidea
2. Alfa State – Tipping Point
3.  Alfa State – Symphony Of Courage
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