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With influences ranging Portishead to James Blake, Burial and Arca, singer, songwriter and producer, Amani, stands out like an ethereal, intriguing sore thumb of the best possible kind.

‘Fuc^ed Up’ is a feeling of obsession, infatuation & emotions tangled in a wrongful love affair – having experienced and lived in an abusive relationship the effect it has on you as a person is fucked up & disturbing. I wanted to give this track a feeling of unease in the vocals and chaos in the production. It’s impossible to separate myself from my art. This piece is a portrait of hurt, resignation, acceptance and survival; its impact is difficult to ignore. The ambient mix is reflective of a more calm and ethereal outcome; the aftermath experience that was light and airy – the light at the end of the tunnel” – AMANI

Timothy Clerkin is a London based producer & DJ and one half of international DJ duo, Eskimo Twins and co-founder of his label, Insult To Injury. He has been releasing records, playing live & DJ’ing since 2010. His remix of ‘Fucked Up’ is an emotional fusion of acid, breakbeat and ambient sounds.

Release Date: May 10th , 2019


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