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Having recently dropped the debut single from her forthcoming EP, Amani teams up with the infamous Chilean artist-producer: Dinky, to share with us a grooving electronica remix of ‘The Earth Evolved’.

Reworking the original composition, Dinky injects a funky, upbeat electronic groove. Heavy reverb, rousing snare rolls and chopped up vocal snippets make for a high-energy dance track. Despite a stimulating, up-tempo rhythm, the remix is a true testament to the talents of Dinky, as Amani’s pure emotion and melancholy still radiates through; subtle yet impossible to ignore.

Born Alejandra Rivera, and named Dinky by her sister at birth, the electronic singer-artist-producer grew up to become “a leading member of Chile’s second generation of electronic music greats” (Resident Advisor). Training as a dancer in New York, whilst nurturing a love of instrumentalism and singing, the Chilean native discovered the burgeoning American underground electronica music scene. Going on to release projects via Sonic Groove, Traum and Carpark, the artist soon made a name for herself releasing bangers such as ‘Acid In My Fridge’. Moving to Berlin during the heyday of E-Werk and Tresor, the DJ flourished and to date has held a residency at the Panorama Bar (Berghain) since 2004.

Amani took to music after the death of her sister as a way to channel her emotions. The result is a raw and honest passion that has been supported by crucial online tastemakers such as The Creators Project, Disco Naїveté and The Line Of Best Fit, who describe her sound to be “restricted and subdued, like a caged animal.”

Perhaps unlikely, the pairing of this rising vocal talent and house veteran is majestic to behold. Set to introduce Amani’s sound to the mysterious world of underground electronic, ‘The Earth Evolved (Dinky Dub Remix)’ will unite house heads and soul-pop enthusiast alike.

Release Date: November 2nd, 2017.


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