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The next release on NoExcuse Records comes by way of taste-making French duo, Amine Edge & DANCE. Their ‘Get Busy’ EP features an original track, accompanied by a remix conjured by the ever-popular Yaya.

‘Get Busy’ opens with a nostalgic injection of sampling of Bel Air proportions, instantly gripping in all of its glory. Beyond the opening magic, you are thrust into a heavy-set culmination of beefy drums, sizzling percussive layers and a delightfully rough-edged bassline. The wizardry doesn’t stop there as the track is broken up by the extremely pleasant addition of some Motown influence, reminiscent of cinematic scenes over a big city skyline. Amidst all of the creative mastery, there is a distinct emphasis on ‘Get Busy’ being a predominantly ruff and ready track, loaded with elements that will inspire a positive look of disgust on the face of many a dancefloor reveller. Robustly underground, built for the big room environment!

Following on from the original, the elusive figure of Yaya provides an alternative adaptation with his remix. An eerie, tribal-inspired flow from the outset hints teasingly at glimmers of the original before knee-jerking back into its own established little world. As ever-present in Yaya’s blossoming production, there is an insistence on the groove which is the bread and butter of this remix. Intelligently processed layers of percussion and analogue melodic elements create a sense of wide space with an added bit of wobble, giving it an addictively hallucinatory appeal. The perfect adversary for the original, built on a bed of deep underground vibes and lucid energy.

Amine Edge & DANCE’s ‘Get Busy’ EP (incl. Yaya Remix) is proudly presented by NoExcuse Records.

Release Date: May 17th, 2019


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