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Andrea Careddu was infected by the techno virus at legendary Frankfurt clubs like Dorian Gray and XS. But most of all by Sven Väth and the OMEN. He bought his first Synthesizers in the nineties and began to produce electronic music. His style is very influenced by the sound of Frankfurt.

Konsti’, the first Maxi Single of Careddu on 3-4-1 Cuts, is a tribute to and as well as the acronym for ¨Konstablerwache¨, a square of Frankfurt city which residents refer to. The release contains 3 techno tracks. The mood varies from apparent moments of calm to intense and unexpected turning points. After few seconds of listening it’s easy to recognise his composing’s style characterised by sequences of analogic bass, a game of instant touches of synths and a mixture of old and raw drums well interleaved.

Release Date: October 5th, 2018


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