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Now appears Animal & Me, and Lost On You’s streak of stellar releases continues in a techno fireball above the Paris sky. A fireball that will travel across continents to the poorest parts of the world, bringing warmth and charity to those who need it the most. Listen closely and you can feel it above, passing high-energy vibrations from the dancers to the scenesters to the fields and the deserts. Animal & Me is your pilot this time around, bringing his unique approach to electronic music to the table of one of Western Europe’s hottest new electronic labels.

Animal & Me’s productions emerge from the darkest of basements and the dustiest of corners, operating along the lesser traveled frequencies of the techno spectrum. Like lots of modern day techno, Animal & Me is steeped in industrial aesthetics, but, like soil on your finger or sand underfoot, the three tracks on display on ‘Ucronie’ bring with them a touch of the earthier side of things. ‘The Dream’ is minimal techno in high-definition, where delay boxes dissipate down corridors and hi-hats take cues like actors in the theatre. It has that gritty, analog quality to it that harkens back to the Detroit days of experimental high tempo bumpers, while still being shaped by contemporary minimalist ideas. One for the all-night raves.

The unique aesthetic is also felt perfectly in ‘Beast’, a track that chugs along in the serenity of noise and city living hypnosis, drawing you into your surroundings until you forget where you’re not. Thunderous claps and heart-stopping kicks rain down in a shower of dancing drum machines, and heavy vibrations bring out the textures and colors that travel around your being.

The eponymous ‘Ucronie’ is a filthy, lop-sided 125bpm work out that should be reserved for only the headiest of parties, the liveliest of raves. It’s a call to arms, incitement to action, and a solid reflection of ‘Lost On You’s ultimate cause spreading love, creating moments and saving lives. The sky i1s lighting up above. Can you feel those vibrations?

Release Date: June 4th, 2018


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