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Art in Motion returns to Plano B with an EP of some acclaim. Featuring three original solo tracks and a collaboration with Vkira, there is something to please all ears here.

Opening the EP is the downtempo delights of ‘Cores’. Sitar-led and full of eastern promise it sashays along pleasingly. Title track, ‘Magica’ takes things into a more tribal arena. Strong drum work underpins the sonics whipping up into a frenzied wall of sound. ‘Salar’ keeps up the pressure with intricate percussive lines belying the power of the melodic touches employed. Once the Spanish guitar flecks enter all bets are off!

Rounding out the pack is a collaboration with Vkira entitled ‘Karma’. Again resolutely tribal by design, the track focuses on rhythmic motifs to drive the track forward.

Release Date: April 12th, 2018


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