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‘Thank You’ takes you to the middle of a glittery dance floor, to a happy place, to a day or night you’ll never forget!.

Asle is practically Danish house music royalty. The producer & DJ has revisited one of his favs, going back to his roots with spectacular results. On ‘Thank You’ he manages to skillfully fuse house and a killer disco sample to create a hybrid track full of uplifting energy, with an effortless flow set to soundtrack your summer and beyond!

As Asle says: “Thank You’ came out of me having George Duke as a mega hero of mine. I got to see him live before he died – and the positive energy he brought to the stage and to his music is a huge inspiration to me. George Duke’s ‘Reach Out’ is a song that I grew up with in on Danish TV because it was used as the theme for the Saturday sports broadcast – where they always had a football game from England on… It has become one of my favorite records of all time.”

The Black Legend Project (Defected) gets involved on the remix duties, adding that Italian ‘predisposizione’ with a deeper, more techy interpretation to perfectly suit the late night crowd.

Over the years Asle has had a string of stand out releases for some of the biggest and coolest house labels around including Size, Cr2, Off Recordings, Phoenix, King Street, Toolroom, Whoop! and Yoshitoshi.  He has a reputation as a world-class producer, songwriter, engineer, mastering engineer and remixer still at the top of his game. ‘Thank You’ is just part of a host of exciting new material dropping over the summer.

Release Date: July 18th, 2018.


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