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The sixth EP of Infinite Depth is produced by the Spanish artist Asonante. It has been a long wait till a new release of this characteristic producer, but it’s finally here. Asonante managed to create two atmospheric and dark, but still melodic tracks: ‘Appearances’ and ‘The Silfos’. The first one got a more melodic touch by Oliver Winters and the second one got into the techno hands of Symmetric & Future of Matter. This all forms a four-track banger of an EP, called ‘Daydream EP’.

The third track, called ‘The Silfos’, is a big dancefloor banger with an atmospheric and floating lead, also characterizing for the sound of Asonante. During the track a second hovering layer comes in which brings the track to its peak.

Release Date: May 24th, 2019


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