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Next up on ASTIR is one of the finest producers in the UK who hand-picked his own remixer; new Argentinian superstar, Partenaire and long-time friend, Tripswitch.

London-based DJ/Producer Audioglider has had huge success since inception with his first two tracks being licensed to Global Underground. Touring and high profile releases punctured his musical journey during the 90’s before family life meant a short hiatus from the spotlight. Now signed to a host of credible labels including ICONYC, Stripped Digital and Sudbeat with a steady stream of new music, shows Audioglider is as cutting-edge cool as he ever was.

Previous releases on ASTIR showcased his downtempo skills where as Hot Jupiters is uptempo, funky brilliance. Balancing somewhere between Nu Disco, Prog and Melodic Techno, in his own words Audioglider is a bit of a maverick: “I don’t stick to a formula so I can explore and develop my musical identity without boundaries.” And explore this does, from its opening drums to the beat-less outro, this is a masterclass of sound design and tension. On the remix, Partenaire crafts a trademark silky smooth prog rendition utilising the rich sonic smorgasbord of the original to great effect. Tripswitch continues to impress with a brilliant remix which highlights why he’s such an in-demand producer right now.

Release Date: June 1st, 2018


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