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Hommage welcome German duo Avidus back to the label with their scintillating new EP ‘Engarde’. Fritz and Marc both hail from Kiel, which is 90km north of Hamburg. In their hometown they were exploring electronic music and following their own paths, until Marc happened across one of Fritz’s tracks and decided to reach out to him.

The two men began working together and found that they shared a deep love of harmony; Fritz coming from a more classical standpoint, while Marc’s experience with rock music and DJing brings a hint of dynamism to their work. Due to release with Crosstown Rebels this year, the two men are already making waves… With ‘Engarde’ they present two sultry originals, with remixes from Aera and Reboot.

‘Engarde’ works from a dour low end as organic sounding percussion rattles and taps away, keeping the vibe buoyant. A stirring riff is introduced, complementing the bassline perfectly. Gently, the duo cultivate a rousing atmosphere, taking us into an extended breakdown that lifts us up into the cosmos. As we drop back into the track, the beats are more punchy and the whole thing feels more energised.

The second original cut is ‘Medea‘, which starts off with an unassuming rhythm comprised various percussive elements. As the main motif and bassline creep in, we’re transfixed by their hypnotic allure. Cosmic disco elements add a lively feel, while a sombre riff midway through creates an air of melancholy. Get ready for an emotional breakdown, which leads into an wistful second half with its earworm melody.

Aera steps up to remix ‘Engarde’ adding hard-hitting beats and an electro-disco feel. The dour riff remains, keeping things emotive yet bouncy. Meanwhile Reboot takes on ‘Medea’, switching things up and getting dark with his ‘Loftypantz Rework’. This heady remix is guaranteed to lock the dance floor into a trance, with its enchanting b-line and mesmerising pad work.

Release Date: May 3rd, 2019


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