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Parisian producer Lawrence Benjamin debuts his new project Awaken with PUZL Records this year with a 4 track EP. While each track carries a unique identity, there are undertones of ethereal, hypnotic sounds that blend a variety of retrospective experiences the producer encountered on his travels to Finland.
Whether it’s the spectral enchantments of the lead single ‘The Dream’, the natural found sounds of ‘he Feeling’, the tribal undertones of the ‘The Wall’, or the building crescendo of the club ready ‘The Run’, they all ultimately turn inward, inviting us through an intimate window through Awaken’s auditory world.
“This EP first came to me when I went to Lapland (North of Finland) in winter of 2016. The harsh, yet relaxing environment inspired me. The orange sunlight reflecting on the snowy valleys. The silence of nature, and the cold northern wind. All these elements gave me ideas that were the basis for my composition which I started at the beginning of last year. Bit by bit the songs where built. I eventually finished the last bits of the EP in Calvi Corsica last Summer. The EP has a deep melodic sound to it, with a spiritual, nordic ambiance. Sometimes lightened, sometimes harsh.”Awaken.

PUZL Records serves to provide EP, LP and full length albums that will continue to diversify and explore all facets of the music we love. The focus is on gaining maximum exposure for its artists within the collective via distribution, licensing and publishing methods so that their work can be heard by as many people as possible across the world.

Release Date: May 4th 2018


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