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Going all the way back to 2014 and a remix on our 2nd ever release, Barbuto is back alongside Made in Paris for a thumping two original track EP ‘Captive/ Rivers of India’.

These Techno bombs are ready to light up any party, full of raw elements and cutting bass lines around sharp synth interplay in spacious production. On this release Made in Paris has also delivered a stripped back moody Reshape of ‘Captive’.

Remixing we welcome Marc DePulse who has added his touch to ‘Rivers of India’, and Night Vision who have put they take on ‘Captive’.

Marc has kept the driving feel of the original and added more momentum by accentuating the pulsing bass giving the track a more linear groove. Developed lead parts and added synth elements have aided the excitement and provided hands in the air moments.

Finally Night Vision have applied a warmer and deeper feel to ‘Captive’, developing the arrangement with a new lead touch creating a stunning breakdown and lift to the end of the track.

Release Date: December 17, 2018



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