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With summer now well underway Bassically return to our shelves with their fourth and most impactful installment of their the 2018, 6 part takeover.

Kicking off the package is an enormous collaboration with the Rhythm Master himself Steve Mac; one that sees the East London collective dive deep into underground waters…

‘Wish Upon’ sparks into life with a crunching, old skool break, before thundering kicks emerge and overlap – allowing for the vocal talents of Andre Espeut to slowly slide into view. A deliciously warm, but devastatingly expansive sub then boots into action, working in tandem with the underpinning breakbeat, hefty kicks and skating hats. All the time, Espeut’s psychedelia-tinged, pitched-down vocal weaves in and out of the undulating groove
seductively. An end of summer terrace anthem in waiting, make no mistake.

Next up is ‘Illegal Thump’ – a sure-footed, mid-paced houser, loaded with tort and burbling, funk-flecked bass. Twisted stabs wash across the stave and gated vocal refrains simmer aloft the rest of the action, creating a truly hypnotic ride.

‘Move Ya’ ties up ‘Introducing 04’ and is an altogether more driving affair. It’s super-tight, stripped-back production; stunning, muted bassline and classic, tripped out keys combine with staccato blasts of deep, whispered vocals, wood-blocks and shakers to create a sophisticated yet powerful main-room heater.

Release Date: August 27th, 2018


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