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One of the busiest and best years in Get Physical’s history nears its end with a fantastic label debut from Bebetta aka Germany’s Anika Schnabel.

Known for her Bebetta in Bed live streams that find the cultured DJ play from home, Schnabel also travels the world to take her considered house sound to thoughtful dance floors. She has also produced on the likes of Monaberry and Kallias and has a sensitive, personal approach that features plenty of lush chords and hooky melodies.

Her first EP on Get Physical kicks off with ‘Raver 4 Life’, an exquisite eight-minute trip into storytelling deep house. Big, warm kick drums set the groove while broad synth lines drift up into the skies, jumbled percussion gets you loose and spooky leads meander with a sense of curiousness. It will make for a dramatic journey on the dance
floor, for sure.

The equally adventurous ‘King Coo’ is a dreamier and more melodic track, where soothing chords and pensive pads all work you into a deep state of trance and leave you gazing off into the distance.

Both these tracks are heartfelt house affairs that leave an indelible mark.

Release Date: December 14th, 2018


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