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BECK AND RIUS release fourth EP including three original tracks on San Francisco based Fierce Animal Recordings.

Fabian and Marcus’ passion for space and the unknown beyond was the driving force behind this dark melodic Techno EP. With pushing percussions and high energetic synth lines the ride through the unknown begins. Using piercing bass drums and no-nonsense melodies, the tracks tell stories and keep the raver’s attention all the time. The result, they don’t let you stop dancing until the very last beats have sounded.

‘Voyager One’
The 1970s started probe is still on its way across the solar system. Having reached the interstellar space, this track tells exactly this story. The melodic progression tells the travel to Jupiter and beyond. The final look back to earth concludes the mission before travelling to where no man-made thing has been before, still sending pictures from the unknown, the track slowly ends with deep sounds from outer space.

‘Deep Sky Explorer’
If you look above, you see our star system and some bright stars from our galaxy and beyond. But seeing through a telescope or using Hubble’s perfect eyes far above the atmosphere, you can see deep sky objects which never would have been visible without human’s drive for exploration of space. The track takes you to regions of the unknown, to the Hubble Ultra Deep Field and beyond where you can feel the origins of space. Billions of galaxies gather and you realize, we are not alone. The track pushes further over the edge and concludes in an epic melodic rave.

‘The Tide’
One of Jupiter’s moons Io has deep tides under its surface. Actually, having sea tides five times deeper than these of earth. The track takes you down with the currents and explores in two colliding melodies the story of an underwater ocean deeper than anyone has ever seen. Strange creatures and ultimate pressure result in a climax which can only be released with a dry bass line. From there on we slowly float to the surface again to finally look back to the Jupiter, the Sun and Earth.

Release Date: April 22nd, 2019


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