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The second EP of the Rotterdam based techno label Infinite Depth is coming. The originals of the ‘Van Melle EP’ are created by the upcoming Dutch talent Beswerda. The EP contains three promising originals and two great remixes. One remix by the popular Swiss duo ENØS and one by another Dutch artist called Precursor.

The main track ‘Van Melle’ immediately gives you the feeling of being launched. Not into the sky, but right to the middle of the earth where the sound of some really pounding kicks are heard.

The second track ‘Toz’ lets you explore multiple spaces during your long trip to the middle of the earth. Be careful that you won’t get lost and let the pounding combination of the kick and the bass direct you.

Arriving at the center of the earth you will find the ENØS remix of ‘Toz’. Electric sounds are heard everywhere and it gives you the feeling of an endless empty space, just as the atmosphere of the streets after exiting a warehouse in the early morning.

With the third track ‘Pergola’, you will start your way back to the earth’s surface. Some appealing melodies are pulling you up, but the lower frequencies are still dragging you down.

The eccentric and slightly dubby Precursor remix of ‘Pergola’ gives you the harmonious feeling of arriving back from the trip. He managed to use those appealing melodies to create more as a great completion of this journey.

Release Date: October 26th, 2018



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