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From Russia with love, we introduce to you Blaktone. Russian duo Blaktone might not ring any modular bells for you yet, but these guys will make deep and pounding waves within the underground scene in no time – no doubt.

Their debut EP on Blindfold Recordings consist of three tracks, each for different dance floor moods, but with a clear and consistent sound that clearly defines these guys versatile musical universe.

First up we got ‘Distant Memories’ which is melodic yet percussive and grooving slow builder. Patience pays off and this is no exception.

Next up we got the hard-on mean machine ‘Blackjack’. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not for children! With a pounding deep and forward moving groove, ‘Blackjack’ is not for the faint hearted and will no doubt leave any crowd hungry for more.

Last up Blaktone delivers a melodic gem that will seduce any progressive-melodic diehard fan. A soundscape mixed of aggressive stabs, percussive textures and uplifting breaks, is what ‘Chemical Friend’ is all about. This is the only Chemical substance you will need for the night.

Welcome Blaktone – No Eyes All Ears

Early Support from Dave Seaman, JOBE, Gia Barone, Nicolas Masseyeff, Frankey & Sandrino, Sasha Carassi, Marc DePulse, D-Nox, Antrim, Oliver Schories, Be Svendsen, Stas Drive

Release Date: November 9th, 2018


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