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Get ready for the Overkill – literally! Jannowitz Records has prepared the ultimate EP, compiled of five main time dance floor fillers by no one less than JAW label boss BOHO himself. For this particular release – which by the way is going to be the last of the imprint’s most successful year in history – BOHO asked new and old friends, artists that see looks up to, sees as inspiration, just discovered recently or has been signing on Jannowitz Records for years. To put it as simple as possible: Overkill EP is a compilation of five thoroughly selected co-productions.

For the first track BOHO invited one of his favourite Berlin-based producers to the studio. Kaiser Souzai doesn’t need any introduction. As founder of Ballroom records he has been shaping Germany’s electronic music scene for quite some time, providing clubs everywhere with one Beatport chart success after the other. On Jannowitz Records he made his debut as remixer for BOHO‘s first EP last year, right before releasing his own “Road to Asia EP”. This year we saw him remixing Maksim Dark’s “Industrial Strength” which was an absolute banger as well. Now Kaiser is back! BOHO x Kaiser Souzai“Texel” is a true techno bomb that lives off the certain drive Kaiser Souzai is known for and BOHO‘s proper signature kick.

With Brazilian superstar duo TouchTalk and Light Breath there are two more artists that have been working closely with Jannowitz Records. The former had already contributed “Drifter EP” this year, the latter firstly appeared on the label back in 2016 with a stellar remix for Cliff De Zoete. Both their tracks with BOHO highlight the sexy side of electronic music in very different but in a way similar approaches. BOHO x TouchTalk – Wet Pants will make you wet your pants with its peak time potential and big room flair.

BOHO x Light Breath on the other hand is way deeper and darker for those of you who enjoy the typical Jannowitz sound.

To make the Overkill complete, BOHO collaborated with two new faces for this outstanding release. You might know SlikNik from his live project GRAU or his collaborations with the likes of Crystal Castles or Motoboy. “Erotica” was created in summer studio session when SlikNik and BOHO officially met for the first time and immediately clicked. Working on this track felt natural to both artists and suddenly, after hours of deep focus and creative exchange the track was born and got already tested on that same night in Berlin’s infamous Sisyphos club. And finally, for “Nicer Dicer” BOHO teamed up with Rachel Raw who not only is BOHO’s life companion but also the label head of Jannowitz’ sister label JAW Dropping Records. Both bosses fused their musical energy and produced what now is one of the grooviest and wildest tracks of the year. Sexy, deep, dark, danceable and overwhelming – the Overkill EP has it all.

Feel the Overkill!

Release Date: December 3rd, 2018.


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