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Remember when Jannowitz records released ‘Octopussy EP‘ by BOHO and Maksim Dark early this year? Remember when we already spoiled you with our outstanding remixers Stefan Biniak, Acumen and Justin James? Remember when we promised you that you would hear more from our delicious Octopus? Well, the JAW family KEEPS ITS PROMISES! Octopussy was such a success that we askedcompletely new faces to join Jannowitz records and play with the ‘Octopussy’.

And we couldn’t believe what happened next. Three of our favourite producers said yes. The headquarter went crazy! The result is nothing less than an entire ‘Octopussy Remix EP‘ touching everything between house and techno – just like the original EP. You are very welcome! Our first remixer need no introduction. Betoko has been a legend for years. There is a lot the London based producer could brag about: releases on Diynamic, Get Physical, Einmusika, Katermukke; shows at almost every club you have ever heard of. Ans still he took the time to deconstruct ‘Octopussy’. His remix dripping with bits and details you will recognise from the original and new little add-ons – notably a kick as strong as we like it.

Two words to our second remixers: Township Rebellion. Moonootica’s Moonbootique, Oliver Koletzki’s Stil vor Talent, Reiner Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid. And now: BOHO’s Jannowitz Records?! These two humble guys have stormed the electronic music world within very short time. Their tracks always seeming to tell an
epic tale from a far away land. And that is exactly what Township Rebellion did with Octopussy. The synth-melody floating above the 9-minutes-masterpiece makes it 3 “sound like something sent from heaven. Our favourite: The break – one of Township rebellion’s signature elements”. “There has to be another way. Stay with me.” – These words give us the shivers. And apparently all of our remixers as well.

Betoko kept them. Township Rebellion kept them. And our third remixer kept them as well. Kellerkind is our second Stil vor Talent act on this EP. He has been in the business for more than a decade and knows his shit. His housy Octopussy edition surprised us by using a lot of elements from the original but still achieving to sound totally different from the blueprint. Rounding ‘Octopussy Remix EP‘ off with nice vibe and some new killer members of our family.

Release Date: Mary 21th, 2018


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