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Its past few releases got music enthusiasts thinking they may have to take Braunbeck’s & Hazel’s young label, much more seriously. And it’s up to co-founder and SOL01 architect, Braunbeck to up the ante even further.

Berlin’s Sol Eterno has lent some fierce dancefloor igniters since its inception not too long ago, in 2017 and by now has established a level of complexity, depth and balance within its own style.
Sol Eterno labelheads have always paid keen attention to the intricate dance and intercourse of dark and light, and with SOL005, births some remarkable soundscapes and tempers multidimensional sound structures molded by coherence and contrast. Featuring stirring vocals by Eluize, the title track of Schlaflos is rough and smooth, pitch-dark and awake at once. And isn’t sleeplessness same?

On B-side, Cafe Jasmin weaves in a bit more of the Sol Eterno climate as we know it, nuance, progressive and propelling. Eclecetic and electronic music maven Daniel Bortz, joins Braunbeck with a energetic, versatile remix of the title track. Bortz’ rendition of Schlaflos strips the vocals and peruses all layers of the original track to pack and punch groove and rhythm to any aural time or space, a perfect formula for some serious hip sway and unpretentious foot action.

Release Date: January 18th, 2018


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