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UNER’s Solar Distance is now in its third year of running, and starts 2019 with a stunning three track EP from Brigado Crew & Crisstiano.

Argentinian duo Brigado Crew have teamed up with Crisstiano once again on their latest EP, an artist who has worked with them on many other collaborative releases featured on labels such as Suara, Diynamic and Chapter 24 Records.

Crisstiano has appeared on all of his releases in collaboration with the Brigado Crew, but the pair themselves have also produced alone or joined forces with other artists for releases on Suruba, Glasgow Underground and Stereo Productions for example.

Cristian R is another alias of Crisstiano, under which he has feature tracks on Sudbeat run by Hernan Cattaneo, and had tracks included on the Renaissance Master compilation mixed by none other than Nick Warren.

Combined, the guys have a deep and melodic style with uplifting elements and tribal grooves, creating an output that impacts a club whilst also capturing the imagination of each individual listener.

‘Amaru’ starts with deep and subdued synths that gradually swell with a building tension helped along with the rattling tribal percussion and vocal chants. Like a volcano erupting, the tracks mood lifts after the main break with a release of kinetic energy that to a dance floor, translates to the enchanted movement that’s impossible to resist.

Keeping the magic alive, ‘Illiapa’ has dramatic drum rolls fused with the intricate melody of the synth pads that when combined, give it an expansive sound of cosmic proportions. Like a voyage into the unknown, this immersive track has an epic sense of wonder and captures the senses with its vibrant blend of textures.

Continuing the journey, ‘Sustain’ has a tranquillity to it that’s like the first sunrise of spring after a long dark winter. Washed in its warmth, the comforting sound of its melody is brought to life by the joyous percussion that adds a free-flowing excitement to the party that’s unfolding…

Release Date: February 1st, 2019.


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