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In its next release, Beat&Path is super excited to showcase and welcome Caly Jandro to the Beat&Path family.

Caly, a young upcoming Melbourne based Producer/Dj and founder of the Boogie Beats Collective have bought us something special for his debut.

A disco-esque cut, with organic drums and layered jungle sounds, with a beautiful north African style vocal which brings the track to life as Caly explains “Once the bulk of the track was laid down, my friend Steve (Highway Beauty) laid down some keys and made the track wholesome.”

On the flip side label members, The Drunken Apaches (one half Out of Sorts & Cyril Orson our designer) take you on a hypnotic rendition. A subtle 303 riff under the mix, with haunting strings, clanking chords and pitched down vocal samples pull this edit together. A chuggy vibe and Balearic rhythm give the original piece a new perspective.

Release Date: December 1st, 2017.

Two orange suns burn deep, in a dark starless abyss. They slow dance with one another, soft steady movements in calm controlled unison. These two suns share the same beat and meet the end of all paths. When Rokia blinks her eyes the two orange suns become hidden beneath folds of darkness, leaving a starless abyss with out light, always only for a short second. Depending on the angle of this black shadow, curves in the darkness are illuminated in motion. Rokia’s shoulder blade cuts a slice of light on its edge as she prowls. Her back trickles with shining droplets as she stretches. Eyes close and suns vanish as she yawns, the darkness unfolding to reveal her large teeth and soft pink tongue. A panther is her favourite form to take.She appreciates the privacy of blending in with shadows, which are plenty in this thick African jungle.

She waits…

She is always waiting, this time for lost travellers unaware of their misleading intuition. An abundance of wisdom may not be immune to impatience however, and in this moment she decides to hurry what she waiting for.Toward a still lake, she crawls out of the darkness, smoothly emerging from the shadows. As her panther body takes new form, the orange suns rise and set in the black human face of Rokia’s beauty. She is a mother of earth and the queen of her jungle. As all that lives is connected, so is her spirit in all that lives.This naked image of strength and fertility stands on the waters edge as she peers into the still lake.Her burning sun colored eyes illuminate as she observes what is reflected in the water.

She see’s a dusty troupe of cowboys riding through a western storm as a sun sets and red full moon rises. Rokia exhales a deep breathe into her closed hand which starts to glow. As she reaches down toward the water, flickering flames dance on the palm of her hand, which she places on the wild west horizon, beckoning the troupe toward her. As if a pebble had dropped into the water, a miraculous ripple expands from the image, revealing a new reflection in the glowing orange eyes of this jungle queen. A shaman monk sits in meditation upon a water vessel that is floating down the Mekong river of Thailand in his search for the Angel’s Trumpet. Rokia pats the water of the lake she watches him through which guides the boat to where it needs to be. She does not do this selflessly; the intention behind Rokia’s action is always to do with her own agenda. The Shaman Monk must fulfill his duty for him to find her, and so she assists with his achievement.

Once again a ripple expands from this vision in the water and a new reflection is revealed. A lonely drifter walks aimlessly through the dusty troupe’s western world. He has been stuck in this place for a long time, taking every wrong turn that comes his way. Rokia extends a long lock of her hair and bites into it, cutting it from her head. Her fiery eyes glow again as she whispers to her hair which begins to twist and wrap around her arm, transforming into a rattle snake. She winks at the snake as she reaches into the still water to place it ahead of the drifter, before blowing into the reflection to create a gust of wind that steals his hat and drops it on top of the snake ahead of him. Rokia’s spirit lives in this snake which she will use to guide this drifter toward her, along with the others…

Wrote by Patrick Holmes / Cover artwork to Gonzalo Varela (Magic Lantern Studio)


  1. Caly Jandro, Uone, Highway Beauty – Rokia
  2. Caly Jandro, Uone, Highway Beauty – Rokia (The Drunken Apaches Remix)
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