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An artist with impressive credentials to his name, Carlo Whale returns to Particles with a debut EP in the shape of ‘A New Beginning’. Remixes comes from French and Belgian stars.

Hailing from the Italian island of Sardinia, Carlo Whale has found himself in the sets of the DJ glitterati with increasing regularity. Making his debut for 2 Sides Records in 2011, the Cagliari resident has gone on to sculpt a distinctive sound that has graced the likes of Einmusika, Natura Viva and Steyoyoke. A remix of Pole Folder’s ‘A Glimpse into the Past’ saw a first Particles appearance in August 2018 as a debut EP now showcases two original tracks. ‘A New Beginning’ is a beautifully crafted affair based around wonderful bassline progression, ticking offbeat percussion and whip-cracking kick. Building effortlessly, rippling arpeggio filters in and out of aural range adding a hypnotic melodic energy while a counterpoint motif gives further joy. Partner track, ‘Alnitak’ sees an intricate rhythmic framework, full of 808 claps and head-shaking groove, form the foundations for a bouncing bassline to sit snugly against a detuned analogue lead that fizzes and modulates across the stereo spectrum in beautiful melodic motif. A series of effects add drama in a track that oozes melodic techno quality.

A regular across the clubs and festivals of France, Ukraine, Turkey and Lebanon, Rafael Cerato’s affinity with the underground dance scene has seen him hit headlines and mainstages with impressive regularity. Production work for the likes of Stil Vor Talent, Eleatics and Systematic, has seen Cerato’s talent recognized by some of the industry’s finest imprints and remixed by such leading lights as Coyu, Quivver and Einmusik. Making his Particles debut, the Rafael Cerato remix of ‘A New Beginning’ immediately impresses with its dancefloor prowess. Creating a pounding new rhythmic structure rich in snare fills, Cerato’s skill is to infuse Carlo Whale’s melodic phases with new character and drive as the arpeggio so central to the original cuts through the mid-range. Simultaneously, a growling bassline, sympathetic to Carlo’s work, provides a stunning new direction while a new vocal sample adds further depth and intrigue.

A passion for music instilled on him by his father’s love for vinyl, Kynan Cosma’s burgeoning production career has seen a raft of original music hit the virtual shelves for the likes of Deep Therapy Records, Mood Music and Deep House Belgium. Returning to Particles after the success of his ‘Powerful Meganism’ EP with remixes from Lucas Rossi and Pedro Mercado & Karada, the Kynan Cosma remix of  ‘Alnitak’ uses the central melodic theme that resonates throughout Carlo Whale‘s original. Infusing the track with a new rhythmic structure, a head-nodding groove ripples across proceedings alongside a new cavernous bassline element that erupts in the third movement with bristling power. Additional production material also comes courtesy of a new ethnic vocal element that fits elegantly against Carlo’s work.

A pair of new tracks and remixes from Rafael Cerato and Kynan Cosma has seen Carlo Whale create ‘A New Beginning’ on Particles.

Release Date: October 12th, 2018



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