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The ‘India Dormida’ EP comes as a collaborative effort between Panamanian producers and DJs Voiceless and Carlos Barbero.  The EP features three original tracks and remixes from Breky, Foamek, and Cenote stalwarts Dacey Schubert.

The title track, ‘India Dormida’, is rainforest funk: dripping lead synths, tribal flutes, jungle percussion, and an unrelenting bass line, which captures the sound of Central America in one go. ‘Coiba’ is a throwback to the golden era of progressive house with a contemporary spin, followed by ‘Baru’, a thoughtful, meditative roller that anchors the originals on the EP. Foamek turns in an all out trance masterclass remix of the title track, coming in at just under 10 minutes long; close your eyes and trance-port back to better days! Romania’s Breky delivers a deep tech banger ahead of Dacey Schubert’s acid-laden remix of ‘Baru’.

Release Date: March 12th, 2018


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