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Cerpintxt’s style is best described as anti-sense. She employs elements of industrial, drone, ambient, and jazz in a glitchy dualistic fashion. ‘Eratc Sndscps’ (erratic soundscapes) is a homage to her musical influences, it takes you on a journey through what seems like someone else’s dream.

Danceable but hypnotic, nightmarish yet serene, obsessive yet soothing. Dominated by poetic vocals and a climatic palette of textures, her sound shapeshifts, resulting in a mesmeric cacophony of emotions. The echoes of her psyche reverberate the listener into a parallel world, while still packing a rhythmic punch when it needs to.

‘Amethyst’ is a eulogy to the feminine; the soft and fragile force of nature that drives us on. The circle sneaks in beat generation ideals in a dubby pulse. Retrogradin’ employs empowering prose from the Egyptian book of the dead. The syntax is a wake-up call.

Release Date: June 25th, 2018


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