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Following his hugely successful first release on Motek, Chris Llopis is back with new EP ‘Dominion Pulse / Dusty Shapes’.

Two original tracks full of mood and groove ‘Dominion Pulse’, the darker of the two, takes on a rolling hypnotic feel complete with spacious synth play to create atmosphere and intrigue. ‘Dusty Shapes’ is full of bounce in the bass which underpin drone textures and sharp synth stabs all providing strong dance floor energy.

Remixing we are excited to welcome Philipp Gonzales to the label and to have the fantastic Jonny Cruz back on duty, putting their takes on Dominion Pulse and Dusty Shapes respectively.

Philipp has added a faster feel to his remix with driving hats and more movement in the bass line. He has also stripped back the arrangement in places to let the groove come forward, using the original synth parts for the big final build and drop.

Jonny has added weight to his production through strong syncopation in the kick and bass under spacious percussive sections. The use of vocal effects adds his own unique touch to the track finished with luscious unexpected melodic intervals.

Release Date: February 11th, 2019



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