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Following his remix of Rework’s ‘You’re So Just Just’, Christian Burkhardt returns to the fully recharged Leftroom for ‘Piano Wars’. An EP comprising three exceptional collaborations with friends old and new – Sascha Dive, Matt Tolfrey and Daniel Roth – it’s yet more evidence that Leftroom’s return has been a vital highlight on the label landscape this year.

First up we have the brilliantly titled ‘Piano Wars’ where Burkhardt relinks with old friend and sparring partner Daniel Roth for a fight over the ivories. Taking off where previous collaborations such as ‘Knilch’, ‘Spread Your Legs’ and ‘Al Paka’ left us, Burkhardt and Roth roll out a stately eight minute funk jam that ripples with a little Chicago spirit and climaxes with the ultimate showstopping piano finale that borders on Italo levels of emotion.

‘Che Che’ follows with Burkhardt’s longest standing collaborator Sascha Dive. Both artists known for deep immersive grooves, hypnotic details and fluid rhythmic subtleties, ‘Che Che’ is an all consuming experience that sucks you right into its core so you’re swimming in the thick of its loopy textures.

Finally we have the the rude kicks and sleazy funk feels of ‘Accesseure’ with label bossman Matt Tolfrey. The only artist on this EP that Burkhardt hasn’t collaborated with previously, they make up for lost time with trippy vocal echoes, a swinging broken beat and slimy mutant bass.

Release Date: December 21st, 2018


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