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Sweet sixteen on San Francisco’s Manjumasi showcases a collaboration between bicoastal American producers: Dance Spirit (LA) and Adisyn (Miami). The results are as other-wordly as they are a natural fit, marrying Dance Spirit’s psychedelic hyperspace sounds with the groove sensibilities of Adisyn. The title track “Kinships” leads the package with a sonic exploration of deep realms, showcasing the sound design skills and heady nature of this trio. “Portal From Mars” moves from innerspace back into the body, with a solid dancefloor groove laying the foundation for trippy synth expeditions.

The first remix comes from fellow Los Angeles producer DAVI, who turns up the heat on “Portal From Mars,” crafting a proper late night stormer with a dark and driving edge. A foreboding and relentless energy pushes the track throughout.

Finally, Midas 104 explores another direction with his beautiful and sophisticated reworking of “Kinships.” Here the groove is completely reconstructed, with broken-beat elements and subtle percussion that create space for complex melodic layering. The result is at once cerebral and deeply emotional, showcasing this Berlin-based producer’s mastery of tension and balance.

Release Date: January 14th, 2018


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