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Rural Records is happy to welcome Daniele Di Martino alongside with the label head Sascha Cawa! You might know Daniele through some of his previous releases on labels like Bar 25 Music or Stil Vor Talent. Sascha Cawa does not need a big intro either. He is one of Katermukke’s founders and also resident at Katerblau in Berlin!

´Tabo´, a blissful electronic number starts with a dreamy intro, progressive riffs and the sound of water drops set a subtle, deeper tone. The mids of the track come from bold yet gentle piano chords, whilst the bottom is full of warm pads that make up the soft but evident bassline.

´Homage´, the second track released on the EP, takes its roots from melodic house. A long drawn out bassline is complimented with Afro percussion and gentle melodies. Whilst this track is at times nice and dreamy, long breakdowns and patient build-ups present some climactic moments at the drop. With waves of this sound being released and played at the moment ´Homage´ will fit nicely amongst them all.

´Anoma´ has similar sounds and vibes to Homage, yet a groovier moving bassline presents a more dance friendly atmosphere. This track holds the same dreamlike state, with pretty melodic hits that echo throughout the track. Progressive undertones keep the journey moving and whistling synths and the subtle sounds of running water flow through the mids.

´Riverside´, the last track on the EP sets a different tone from the start. A deeper melody takes the listener on a ride that expresses emotion. As the track progresses so do the chords and synths, opening up and climaxing before the drop. The top synths take priority over the bottom here, with subtle percussion and quieter bassline. Riverside has a more progressive house feel to it.

Release Date: September 14th, 2018


Track List
1. Daniele Di Martino & Sascha Cawa – Tabo (Original mix)
2. Daniele Di Martino & Sascha Cawa – Homage (Original mix)
3. Daniele Di Martino – Anoma (Original mix)
4. Daniele Di Martino – Riverside (Original mix)

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