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The latest release from Natura Sonoris welcomes Darlyn Vlys to the label for a full debut EP. Titled ‘Space Disco’, it’s a 2 track dancefloor driven gem that brings both tracks together in a deep cosmic weave.

The title track of the EP comes with a vibrant energy, building up a mystic tension. It’s a deep, heavy and dense journey with the right balance of melodic house while also pushing bouncy techno vibes. Its ever-increasing sonic spirals and roboticized sensuality – it all tickles your senses taking them to the further unknowns.

On the flipside, Darlyn rides a slightly faster-paced moody wave of upbeat rhythms, rising synths and just right amount of funk. Thanks to the track’s illuminating and uplifting production, ‘Jupiter’s Falling‘ is charged with power, soul and character. Its melodic charm and passionate delivery rises and morphs, lifting and captivating the listener.

Two equally satisfying cuts rounding off yet another quality release that’s immersive and perfectly weighted for your dancefloor. Don’t sleep on it!

Release Date: October 5th, 2018


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