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To celebrate the passing of another beautiful year, we’ve decided to put together a few tracks we love for the 12th edition of Kindisch Steps. 10 exclusive tracks from some of our dearest friends.

Jumping right in, Death on the Balcony creates a beautifully melancholic vibe with ‘Our Origins’. Haunting vocal layers and a solid groove make this one an absolute treat. Next Marco Tegui and Israel Vich team up for a bouncy adventure into the dusty old west titled ‘Manan Kanchu’. Modd delivers pure magic once again with ‘Gerda’, picking up steam in the compilation the track plays deep inside enchanted forests, giving off a warm afterhour glow. We won’t spoil the surprise of the rest, but rest assured it gets more and more magical the deeper you go.

Release Date: December 14th, 2018


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