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Released in solidarity with Tiga’s anti-tech house crusade, a silent campaign fought every day on the streets of your hometown, ‘Blaze’ finds Russian crypto-whiz Dimitri Veimar still dancing with the rawer-than-the-rawest-dog electro that’s brought him to the dizzying heights of the mid-tier crags of Mt. Turbo Mountain.

Throwing his weight behind what some in the media are probably already calling ‘Tiga’s War’ was absolutely necessary following the events of a recent gig in Moscow. Veimar opened the night by playing no fewer than three Tiga tracks, which anyone who’s read Tiga’s Taboos can tell you is definitely a Tiga Taboo. Deeply immersed in the practice of pouring his own mineral water, Tiga ignored the hootin’ and hollerin’ of the VIPs crowding the DJ booth (including Dennis Miller and Diego Maradona) and proceeded to play a set entirely comprised of recordings of every embarrassing thing Veimar had ever said in his life. Four hours later, an emotionally-shot Veimar collapsed into Tiga’s arms, with the magnanimous label boss whispering, “I forgive you, Dimitri” into his ear.

The release also features a “broken techno” remix from mysterious European producer Florian Kupfer, who made us sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement dictating that we can only describe him as “mysterious,” “enigmatic,” and/or “European,” so we’ll have to let the music do the talking.

Release Date: June 22th, 2018


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