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Drew Miller’s ‘Melodia Assombrada’ truly conveys its ghostly being into your soul. Pulsing bass and eidolic sounds appear and disappear creating a wave of energetic motion throughout, an apparition of melodic emotion to haunt your dancers.

German techno engineer Torsten Kanzler brings the demonic nature of the haunted melody to the fore with his no-nonsense up front techno wraith of a track, something designed to slay dancefloors with its phantasmal rhythms and drive.

Bringing up the B-Side, a contrast to the depth and melodic of the A-Side, we’re presented with Acid House ‘Lanty Slee’, driving, drunkenly happy and energetic just as its namesake would want you, cheekily twisting your mind and body up into a firewater dance of fun.

Progressive house dealer and stalwart Silinder gives his impression of the smuggler’s tale, turning it on its head and bringing an altogether foggier and darker mood, a pulsing energy entrenched with the feeling of a journey through the night taking us to somewhere rather intoxicating indeed.

The artwork for this release is provided by Xflo:w, a world-renowned and award-winning photographer based in Berlin. This is the fourth on a journey of covers provided by him to compliment the aural delights within each release, so keep an eye out for his wonderful art!

Release Date: May 7th, 2018


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