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The elusive techno outfit dubspeeka return to Sasha’s Last Night On Earth imprint, this time with their striking EP ‘Theme’. We’re happy to premiere ‘Theme 1’, and managed to catch them for a chat ahead of the EP’s release on Christmas Day.

EG: Tell us a little about your new EP ‘Theme’ which drops on Xmas Day(!) How did the whole EP come together? Did the tracks all come to you quite naturally, or have you had to work on them over a while to make them click? Anything you found particularly easy/hard?

dubspeeka: The EP was actually written whilst I’d been touring, which has been different to how we normally write. I was sending a lot of the stems and ideas back to Kris in the studio, he would work on them and then we’d finish them together when I got back. We find it helpful if there is one out touring and one in the studio, taking turns.

EG: We’re glad to be premiering ‘Theme1’ on E.Groove. We’d love to know a bit of the production info behind this one – what gear did you use, how did you tackle that bassline?

dubspeeka: Mixture of outboard analog and digital. I think the bass was sketched on my laptop with the Aturia Moog plugin, and then we used the midi clip and recreated the sound using the Voyager. We do that often, using the plugins and then remaking the sound with the outboard gear.

EG: You’re no stranger to the label – what is it about your sound & style that resonates with LNOE?

dubspeeka: I’m not sure, Sasha seems to like playing our music in his sets, and I think we have similar taste when it comes to sound, so obviously that helps.

EG: And one for fun – any resolutions for the new year?

dubspeeka: Not to buy any more studio equipment !!

Release Date: December 25th, 2017

1. Dubspeeka –  Enter Theme
2. Dubspeeka – Theme 1
3. Dubspeeka – Theme 2

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