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El Búho is Robin Perkins, an artist from Northern England with a heart deeply rooted in Latin America. Balance is his first full-length album, representing a meeting of different currents that make up his music: a fascination with the natural world, the traditions and sounds of Latin America, and an affinity for modern electronic music. Within the album, you’ll hear Cumbia, Son Jarocho, Andean instrumentation, Afro-Colombian music and the music of nature itself (birds, leaves, etc)- a technique that’s distinguished him over the years.

Balance is an album that celebrates community through its collaborations. The album features stunning vocal contributions from the likes of Dina El Wedidi from Cairo, Luzmila Carpio from Bolivia, and the Mexican poet Citlali Malpica. Also interspersed through the album is spellbinding instrumentation from harpist Veronica Valerio, Argentine multi-instrumentalist Rumbo Tumba, jarana player Pablo Emiliano from Mexican Son Jarocho group Semilla and members of the Shika Shika family (a global music collective he also happens to co-run)- Uji & Barrio Lindo, Kaleema, Minük and Jhon Montoya.

El Búho’s musical creations have been captivating global audiences since 2011, when he released his first EP, A Guide To The Birds of South America (which literally sampled birds all over Latin America). Always using his music to convey the value and power of community, connection, and collaboration, Balance does not stray from the core premise of his art- if anything, it emphasizes it. The multitextured album emphasizes things the world desperately needs right now- connection in a strangely isolated society, protection of the earth itself, and celebration of the past that brought us here.

Release Date: November 3th, 2017

1. El Búho – Coro del Amanecer (ft. Verónica Valerio)
2. El Búho – Corazon de Rubi (ft. Minük)
3. El Búho – Tlacotlan
4. El Búho – Juku (ft. Rumbo Tumba)
5. El Búho – Chucum
6. El Búho – Complete (ft. Dina El Wedidi)
7. El Búho – Xica Xica (Ft. Uzi & Barrio Lindo)
8. El Búho – Brigantes
9. El Búho – Papan (ft. Citlali Malice & Pablo Emiliano)
10. El Búho – Ynglingtal (ft. John Montoya)
11. El Búho – Madre Tierra (ft. Luzmila Carpio)
12. El Búho – Ceiba (ft. Kaleema)

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