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Eli Nissan delivers the latest stunning installment on Guy Mantzur’s Plattenbank imprint with his ‘Everlast/Yellow Fog’ EP, including a remix from Khen.  The Tel Aviv talent, who has previously released on Lost & Found and Sudbeat, is a name gaining a lot of attention. Whether it’s a track for that 5 a.m moment of clarity on a sun-drenched terrace, or for taking the listener down the rabbit hole in an intimate club setting,  he never fails to deliver quality creations, as this latest offering shows. Khen (Bedrock, Lost  & Found) is a star very much on the rise, consistently conquering new ground and gaining new attention with his releases and international standout performances. He makes a  welcome return to Plattenbank on remix duties.

In ‘Everlast’, insidious rolling beats and skittering hi-hats merge with melodic, breathy chords, alternating with warning horns and deep bass vibes. Tumbling, falling notes begin to play, becoming more urgent and demanding until the darker sounds predominate. ‘Yellow Fog’ delivers a softer, more sinuous rhythm, with playful plucked notes like raindrops questioning and answering themselves in polyphonic strands, punctuated by eerie synth
chords and echoed by bass riffs. Khen approaches his remix with his signature deft skill. A syncopated beat supports fragments of melodic chords and noodling plucked strings, with cyclical cymbals building to a tense breakdown before rollicking on.

Release Date: June 18th, 2018


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