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Evans is the latest exceptional talent to join the Last Night On Earth roster, with his two tracks ‘Through Her’. We were lucky enough to bag the exclusive stream of this one, ahead of its release tomorrow. We had a quick chat with Evans to find out more about the artist behind the music.

Electronic Groove: Hey Evans, congrats on your debut on Last Night On Earth! How did the EP come about, and what would you say the label stands for musically?

Evans: Cheers it means a lot. The EP came about really through a previous release I had done with Shawni on my own label ‘Dilate Records‘. It was a real success and was played by a lot of the top Djs. We both decided that we would work together again so as soon as I received new vocal stems I was literally that excited I started to work on the first track straight away. The second track came together using mainly my analog synths and drum machines playing around with ideas until something amazing happened. For me I’ve always been a big fan of Sasha and his label “Last Night On Earth” mainly because its always been sounding sonically great since day one and has never changed doing what its done for years, making hits!

EG: This might be your first time on the label, but you’ve been running your own label Dilate Records for several years now. What have been the biggest lessons you have learned as a label head?

Evans: Talk to as many people as possible, you never know where or what it could lead to. Be friendly and just enjoy being involved in such a great industry.

EG: Would you say that your experience as a label boss has helped your understanding with regards to getting your tracks signed on other labels?

Evans: Yes, most definitely. I understand that from having ‘Dilate Records‘ most labels have their own unique sounds and concepts which helps me understand what material might interest them to sign.

EG: How would you describe your sound in 3 words?

Evans: Organic, Experimental, Techno

EG: When you put these tracks together, was there one, in particular, that was harder to put together, or took more time to nail down?

Evans: I always find the vocal tracks taking longer because I’m always trying to really bring out the emotion in the lyrics. Its very important for me to the right reverb’s, compression and eq set to get the best out of the vocal stems. This can take me days, or sometimes weeks to perfect.

EG: Finally, what’s next for Evans?

Evans: What’s next is a great question, I’ve had lots of interest from artist management companies regarding bookings so hopefully, you will see me DJing a lot more this year. I’ve also just finished a brand new EP which is definitely my best work to date so I’m super excited about it!

Release Date: June 22th, 2018


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