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Mysterious project Except Live hits release number five adding 4 more discs to his ccatalog continuing to cross the boundaries between house, deep house and minimal.

Opener ‘Discovery’ goes on with dub synths and dry slick drums for eight sizzling minutes of pure deep vibes.
A2 is called ‘Acid’ and the track is constantly joined by a subtle acid line for the whole duration. Some arpeggiated synths and quick explosive drums make the track move and evolve in a lovely way.

On the flipside, ‘Just Say Dream Banana’ is the real gem, the meeting point of Except’s influences all into one. The hugely driving and dynamic drums are at their best and meet some analog synths and bleeps, female vocals and atmospheres into an oniric dimension to get you into a state of hynpnosis.

Last track called ‘Except Live – Acid – Except Live is the rawest on the EP with a rusty bassline and dirty pads. A great breakdown snaps the track before the drop with great simple but effective sounds and melodies.

Release Date: April 27th, 2018


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