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After the big success of the previous three releases, Except Live returns with the fourth catalogue on his own label. Release number 4 is another four tracker killer by the Venice based eclectic artist.

The first track is Vortex, where raw and distorted snares meet crispy hi-hats and shakers, creating a perpetual movement that reminds to a vortex indeed. Some dusty synths, pads and little variations into the groove make of this one a perfect opening tool.

Like a Cloud brings happy and positive vibrations as the title suggest using warm pads and atmospheres. It’s a great housy track with solid sub bass and a catchy groove with a missing clap on the beat that unavoidably makes you want to dance.

On the B side, Shadow hits harder since the beginning with weird delayed percussions and filtered hats that create a great space where deep pads and low-fi sinister synths can safely move all over the track.

Closing the EP is ‘Running’: a true minimalistic gem with a super tight groove made by hi-hat and snare only. The drums perfectly work together with the analog synth for a beauty masterpiece which shows once again the amazing skills of Except behind the desk.

Release Date: December 12th, 2017.


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