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‘Kindisch Steps’ returns for a very special tenth edition. Nine tracks, each new and exclusive, from the Kindisch family as well as a few newcomers.

Leading the charge is a smooth jazzy number from a new face, FNX OMAR. ‘GNAWACH’ rides a rolling beat and teases a delicious organic bass lick before releasing the energy of the percussion. Next, Julian Prince, another new name, adds ‘Animated Love’ to the tracklist. This one rides deep with a fluttering synth driving the track as elegant pads fill the space between giving us a proper dancefloor treat. Haiku575’s ‘More Coffee In the Morning’ brings a springy, light footed after hour touch before Facundo Mohrr and Valdovinos take the energy and tone back to the late night dancefloor. Our beloved Vincent Casanova contributes ‘Zip’, another slow burner making a special kind of dancefloor atmosphere. Rolbac takes over with ‘Unwrinkle’ and gives us percussive drive with a funk bounce that continuously finds itself in new realms throughout the track. Riding a gentle rhythm and sway, ‘Hidden Dreams’ gives us a look into Ian McKenzie’s world. This world is one of soft tones and sweeping ambience, intensified by intriguing atmospheric elements. Nearing the end, Sandro Beninati shares another late night driver, ‘Rena Majore’, and finally, Mobius Strum gives the compilation a proper final act, ‘Pampa Liberiana’. Pulling its strength from the hypnotic tones and superbly calibrated rhythmic energy, the track takes us where time stands still in the magic of the moment.

Release Date: March 23rd, 2018


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