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Fresh from a recent appearance on the incendiary ‘Bedrock XX’, Fairmont returns to John Digweed’s mothership label with two more immaculate immersive originals.

Brothers Keeper’ sets the tone and pace as the Toronto native rolls out a cosmic juggernaut that builds with star-gazing momentum on every twist and turns. Subtly psychedelic with its textured vox and endlessly spiraling arpeggios, ‘Brothers Keeper’ galvanizes his years of development and reminds us why he’s worked closely with such iconic and cult labels such as Border Community, Traum Schallplatten and My Favorite Robot.

‘Parrish’, meanwhile, takes us deeper into the darker corners of the Beachcoma bossman’s psyche. A tightly coiled tribal cut based around a sinewy acidic frequency, it’s not only the sound of Fairmont at 3 am taking you deep down a rabbit hole with no hope of return… It’s the sound of a blossoming relationship between Bedrock and one of the most consistent and hardworking producers in the game who understands contrast, dynamic and groove inimitably. To be continued…

Release Date: August 13th, 2018


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