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In anticipation of the release of their tenth studio album, ‘Lies Are More Flexible’, prolific electronic band Gusgus have released a 4-track remix EP of the first single ‘Featherlight’, with reworks from Johannes Brecht, Alex Banks, Metodi Hristov, and ATTMOSS. The Remix EP is out now via Gusgus’ label Oroom.

Gusgus have recruited a solid mixture of established producers and rising talent to remix their single ‘Featherlight’. The EP first sees Johannes Brecht rework the track to fit the mold of his signature epic sound. This one will undoubtedly dominate the DJ circuit as it creates the perfect shoulder swaying soundscape for the dance floor.

Brighton-based producer Alex Banks tones down the energy of the original track with an IDM rework. Banks’ version of the track incorporates an ambient twist with the use of future garage elements.

The third rework is by Bulgarian tech-house wizard Metodi Hristov. A stark contrast from the original, Hristov’s cut stitches together a raw choppy bassline with a layer of rolling synths to create a dark, immersive experience.

Rising Icelandic duo ATTMOSS takes the final slot in the remix pack to deliver a slowed down progressive, synthwave take on the original record.

Release Date: February 23rd, 2018.


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