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Rising up the ranks with their signature majestic, crystalline techno noir sound touching myriad influential imprints such Afterlife, Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti embark a brand-new adventure with their own IMPRESSUM.

A fresh blank page to tell their own unique story and reveal a little more about what moves, inspires and enlightens them, IMPRESSUM will be home to some of Fideles’ most diverse and emotionally complex compositions to date. And it starts right here with these four beguiling trips that the duo describe as the culmination “of multiple feelings, new musical influences, different moods, places we visit while touring and more that we can capture in our way.”

The end result are four immersive cuts that swathe through the house/techno/trance axis so sympathetically you can imagine them in any context. The dreamier, more poignant side to their renowned style is flexed on ‘Eumea’ and ‘Eskdale’, both of which were made after time spent in the mountains between Italy and Austria.

‘Vacuum’ and ‘Narrow Poetry’, meanwhile, reflect their darker more dancefloor tendencies. Inspired by a series of UK and Germany parties they’ve recently smashed, they take you deep into the Fideles rabbit hole and refuse to show you the exit until well beyond sunrise. The scene is set and the foundations are in place. What is set to be the most intimate, honest and exciting narrative in Daniele and Mario’s career so far has only just begun. The story continues…

Release Date: April 4th, 2019


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