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German music maestro Florian Kruse is next up on Sasha’s imprint Last Night On Earth with an incredible package ‘Flying Dragons’, featuring two original tracks and an unbelievably good rework from Julian Wassermann.

‘The Tide Is Turning’ is a solid atmospheric techno builder, with a beautifully deep rolling groove. Soft modulated arp lines pan the stereo field, growing in velocity and resonance, around minimal percussion and a round full bass line.

Florian makes wonderful use of progressive percussive movements in the track ‘Zog’, flowing through different hi hats and syncopated hits, adding pace and varied textures. Drone pads float in and out of the track as it peaks and drops alongside a chunky stabbed topline, creating a brilliantly dynamic sound.

‘Zog’ then gets a hefty remix from Julian Wassermann who injects a wickedly dominant beat, tonnes of creative synth work and glitchy textures. Solid work.

Release Date: April 19th, 2019


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