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The notorious duo, based in Rio de Janeiro, Flow & Zeo are back with a stunning Original, in a collaboration that is beyond special with infamous french producer Dimitri Nakov. The track is also presented in a Dub Mix, while its Original version, features the gorgeous vocals from Mari-Anna. A nocturnal song with an accurately built atmosphere of obscurity and interesting dramatic evolution.

Polish producer and DJ, Pysh comes aboard for the remixing duties just like no one less than the German Boy Next Door. While the first one enhances the darker aspects of the Original, giving it a proper Techno facet, the second one adds generous doses of groove to it, layering some hard hitting drums, making a decent big-room adaptation of it. An EP of heavyweights that kicks off 2018 for Plano B Records.

Release Date: February 28th, 2018.



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