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Afterhis two first singles ‘Randomize’  and ‘Bounce’, Flymeon is now releasing ‘The Werewolf’ , the final single from his upcoming EP, ‘Randomize’.

The artist took a totally different path in this new delivery. The tempo is much faster (good old 128 bpm) and the track is built on 3 different parts: the verses, which revolve around a guitar-sounding synthesizer riff (characteristic of Flymeon) and a huge sub bass with a techno feel. The verses lead us to the choruses, which are quite surprising as they bring a totally different vibe to the song, definitely happier and more melodic than the verses. Finally, the track ends with an outro that puts emphasis on a vocoder line, singing lyrics related to some creature leaving no chance to its prey in the moonlight… A werewolf? Or maybe it’s an image telling us something else? Up to you to find out…

Flymeon lives currently between the Philippines and Paris and tries to depict in his music the violence but also the wonders of the world we live in. During his gigs, Flymeon plays live, crafting sounds and melodies with his set of machines and electric guitar.

The artist made himself a name in 2015 with his remix of Deadmau5 ’s ‘Some Chords’ , which has now more than 77k plays on his Soundcloud profile. More recently, he released ‘Randomize’  and ‘Bounce’,  his first official releases, which got him noticed by labels and blogs: ‘Randomize’ featured on label So French Records’  2018 Summer compilation, and was acclaimed by blogs such as Electro Wow , or Berlin-based It Sounds Future . Both tracks received airplay on Philippine and UK radio stations and were featured on several electronic music playlists on Spotify. Flymeon is currently working on his debut EP, ‘Randomize’, due to be (self) released in the coming months. We’re also told that a music video is on the way…

Release Date: January 23th, 2019


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