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Francesca Lombardo invites some of dance music’s finest to rework her atmospheric and hypnotic hit Terra: PCR, the powerful trio of Greg Paulus, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves, Popof the unstoppable Parisian producer, Supernature and Flying Circus bosses Audiofly and previous Echoe artist INTO YOU.

“Terra is about falling in love instantly, being made to, I felt the same about these remixes, they are all different in style and I love each one, I feel this is a release to remember for our label”Francesca Lombardo. 

PCR deliver a deep and dubby late night roller whilst Popof produces a typically thumping techno interpretation, that still holds onto the hypnotic groove of the original. Next up Audiofly deploys a multitude of cosmic synths and a growling bassline, giving the track a darker edge. Finally, Italian producer INTO YOU picks up the pace with his driving take on the track that’s sure to heat up dark, intimate basements and big clubs alike. PCR is the alias of Greg Paulus, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves. Musical heavyweights in their own rights, Minnesota native Paulus began his foray into music studying jazz and classical trumpet with Crosson founding the hugely respected Visionquest alongside Reeves. Popof is a name that’s highly regarded in the house and techno scene, having worked with music heavyweights such as Chemical Brothers and Depeche Mode. Over 13 years, Audiofly has founded and successfully built no less than three record labels as well as their world-renowned brand Flying Circus. Italian producer INTO YOU launched his own imprint, Lokomotiv Recordings in 2007, which has seen releases from Valentino Kanzyani and Francesca Lombardo herself.

Release Date: June 22th, 2018


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