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Following releases on BluFin, My Favourite Freaks and our latest The Plot Music V.A. sampler ‘The Variety of the Mind’, we are really happy to welcome back fran&co. He is delivering a full EP including a collaboration track with Baluh and two originals more. Furthermore, the EP is featuring two remixes by the likes of Sascha Kloeber and DASO. A true proof that “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe”.

‘Diptrain’ starts with a hypnotic sequence and rimshots. Right from the beginning the track builds tension and is creating a groovy and melancholic vibe. Everything builds up more and more until a melodic break, featuring the very own vocals of Baluh, comes in. Finally, all elements join in together and create a harmonic fusion of sounds.

Track number two, Lydia, is more enlivened with an impressive percussion arrangement, as well as catchy and driving brass sounds. Lydia is a powerful organic piece of music, pure peak time material.

The third track is called Hypnotic. The name choice is fitting perfectly, since it is a very smooth and atmospheric tune with beautiful harmonies. Mallets and vocal snippets are flying around.

Sascha Kloeber created a wonderful remix of Lydia. With a groovy bass line he is adding a completely new drive to the original track. After the break he picks up the characteristic brass sounds in order to create more tension.

Finally, DASO delivers a very deep and techy remix of Diptrain, which really carries you away while listening. He is keeping the melancholic mood of the original track, while add-ing more some true Berlin Techno flavour.

Release Date: November 13th, 2017.


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