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Over the past year Lost On You has become somewhat like a secret weapon. DJs across the world have used their releases to make a change, both on the dancefloor and in towns and villages across poverty-stricken lands in Africa and beyond, where the label has already made substantial donations toward the global fight against Malaria. While lots have felt the power of Lost On You, not many folk know that LoY are the first – and to date, only – record label to donate 100% of their profits to charitable causes.

In this next release, Franz Alice Stern adds another two secret weapons to the arsenal, crafting a house of cards that could topple at any minute, breaking down the false dichotomy of black and white into a million kaleidoscopic flecks. This is the ‘White & Black’ EP. Approach with caution.

White’ comes from some dystopian future that slowly moves back in time, unraveling in the hedonistic glory of sub bass rambling and high-octave pad wandering. Fields of flame spread from ahead to the very tips of your feet, and laser eyes reverse engineer themselves until they’re bang in front of your face. This could be a movie soundtrack, or more likely a momentary soundtrack, the only bit of evidence of a DJ set that seemed to break every rule and still get you safely to the other side.

A hole dug in the ground for a demented cauldron of make-believe potions. A viscous black liquid with every sign of toxicity. Gloopy matter belches from the ground in the sound of Moog bass rips. Everything about ‘Black’ is dark, subby and underground. And if you stand next to the speakers, it will surely blow your face off. Dancing with Franz Alice Sterns at -1 degrees.

Once again, this is highly flammable stuff from Lost On You, and, best of all, it represents a positive difference in a quickly crumbling world. Make a change. Hug a stranger. Buy Lost on You. Drop liberally.

Release Date: November 5th, 2018


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